Set Your Style in Stone

Set Your Style in Stone

We can install flagstone concrete surfaces on your property

If you’re looking for a happy medium between natural stone and concrete, a flagstone concrete installation may be the solution. The Spurlock Company can build a driveway, walkway or patio with flagstones and fill in the gaps with wet or dry material. You can look forward to a owning a sturdy driveway fortified with concrete and natural stone.

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Which option will you choose?

Dry Laid
The flagstone pieces are placed on a bed of sand, and the spaces between them are filled with layers of compacted gravel and coarse sand. The gaps can also be filled with plants or groundcover.

Wet Laid
The flagstone pieces are placed on a foundation, and the gaps between the stones are filled in with mortar or grout.

Rely on The Spurlock Company to install an attractive flagstone concrete surface on your property.